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BullWall Ransomcare from Brookcourt – Revolutionary last line of defense


Ransomware is one of the most critical threats against businesses. With many digitised assets, the importance of having a Last Line of Defense is vital, when your First Line of Security Defense on End-Point is compromised.

The latest global attack proves traditional First Line of Defense/Anti-Virus etc. relying purely on a technical fix meaning that a new variant of Ransomware could sneak past these defenses before the fix is done. RANSOMCARE is NOT installed on any clients/end-points, which makes installation hassle-free and delivers instant value.

RANSOMCARE provides you with a new, revolutionary Last Line of Defense “inside the firewall” protection, and will detect ALL types of Ransomware both known AND unknown attacks on files via server shares. The traffic around all files is monitored using multiple detection strategies and suspicious traffic will raise an instant alert and shut down the attacked end-point client.

Agentless file behaviour monitoring and machine learning techniques that can be deployed within 2 – 4 hours. The solution closely tracks known file extensions, suspicious files, file renames, file changes etc. and then kill the attack chain.

Please see attached: RANSOMCARE-whitepaper

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