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Who we do it for

Delivering strategic solutions and resources to Fortune 500 companies, across all sectors

Our experience and industry sector specialisms

Our consultants have a genuine and detailed understanding of specific industry sectors. Whether it’s Financial Services, Telecoms, Education, Professional Services, Local Governments, Charities, Private Healthcare or the NHS, we can apply the right team for the job, who have an adept knowledge of your business.

Our comprehensive experience covers all verticals. Let us know how we can help with your sector or territory.

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Industry sector specialisms


Financial Services

The banking industry, and the financial institutions are working to grow and maintain profits while adjusting to ever-changing regulations. Banks constantly evaluate and improve their operations in order to keep up with the changes in the banking and financial industry today. Read more


Legal Professional Services

Legal companies deliver project-based engagements to ensure business objectives are achieved within the required parameters; Brookcourt implement solutions that address your business needs – not technology for technology’s sake. Brookcourt can provide a complete solution designed specifically to a customer’s individual requirements, whether it is in cyber security management or networking and monitoring security infrastructure.



The mobile industry has always been highly competitive and forever growing in size and complexity. With so few main players in the UK, each with a significant portion of market share, is it any wonder why mobile providers are deploying the most advanced technologies to remain ahead of the game? We help you achieve the benefits of a fully resourced IT service.



Brookcourt professional services can seamlessly optimise your retail IT infrastructure to ensure you understand and can manage the estate after projection completion. We offer complete lifecycle cyber security management from initial concept, through a design and implementation phase, on to post implementation support & troubleshooting services.


Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical companies are investing a great deal of time, resources and effort to create or maintain a comprehensive information technology (IT) infrastructure to support compliant operations, process quality and efficiency. Brookcourt’s vendor agnostic approach allows our team to offer impartial and expert advice on the technology solution that best fits your current and future needs.


Aerospace/defence Services

We provide support across all of Brookcourt’s IT solutions into the Aerospace/defence sector: Voice, data & packet monitoring, data leakage & protection; network discovery; active & passive security; end user computing; collaboration; and private cloud & infrastructure. We help you deliver robust, flexible infrastructure solutions which meet the needs of your business.

IT Security

Brookcourt are a strategic partner who are currently supporting us with our professional services by supplying project teams with key specialised resources adhering to very challenging deliverables and timescales.

IT Security

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