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Cyber Surveillance

Harnessing and harmonising real-time intelligence to give our clients early warning to emerging threats.

Cyber surveillance

At Brookcourt, our team of expert cyber analysts have united the world’s leading Cyber Threat Intelligence providers to form ONE market leading, highly relevant, actionable intelligence Cyber Surveillance Solution.

We consolidate multiple partner feeds from around the world into a single platform, then provide skilled analysts in-house to extract that data to provide timely, actionable cyber intelligence for our clients.

Brookcourt’s Cyber Surveillance harnesses and harmonises real-time intelligence to give our clients early warning to emerging threats and risks to their digital footprint.

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The problem

The modern Cyber Security landscape is constantly changing and shifting. During the past few years, the rapidly growing use of cloud services, the disappearing perimeter between internal and external networks, and an incredible flood of new devices are challenging traditional methods of protecting everything digital. New threats and attack methods spring up every minute of the day, vulnerabilities are discovered at a rate that far outstrips the vendor’s ability to patch them before they are exploited. 33% of small businesses and 65% of large businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months. Overall, 1 in 4 of all businesses experienced a cyber attack or breach in the past year. Nine out of ten businesses don’t even have an incident management plan in the event of a cyber breach.

The enemy

An enemy is anyone with the means, the motive & the opportunity Cyber Criminals: Cyber Criminals seek the immediate satisfaction of a financial payout. They typically target personal and financial information, hoping to exploit or sell the data for their own financial gain. Cyber Hacktivist: Hacktivists are activist hackers who are looking to influence political or social groups by pressuring businesses, governments and other entities to change their practices. By attacking organisations and stealing trade secrets or sensitive business information, including data relevant to key leaders, employees, and customers, Hacktivists take advantage of the data to disrupt normal business activities and put the focus and media attention on their own agenda. Cyber Espionage/ State Sponsored: This category of hacker is directly employed by an arm of a national government and they are typically very well-funded compared to small hacktivist groups and individual cyber criminals. These entities are motivated by economic, political, and military advantages. This means that there is potentially much greater damage if they are successful in accessing the data they seek.

What do you need to do?

Organisations need to employ an intelligence-led approach, based on a granular understanding of the threats specific to them. This enables prioritisation of the areas to focus on, so the company can build refined defences against the threats it actually faces. If a breach occurs, organisations and specifically Security professionals will need to understand and report effectively to their superiors. Brookcourt Solutions has a proud track record of helping large and small corporations protect themselves from cyber threats for the last 12 years.

What we offer?
  • A dedicated team of multi-disciplined expert cyber specialists that will help you protect your business’s digital footprint. By using cutting edge intelligence gathering techniques, monitoring both hidden web and open-source feeds to produce accurate, actionable and timely reporting on threat actor attack trends from Cyber Espionage and State Sponsored organisations to Cybercriminals, Corrupted Insiders and Hacktivist groups.
  • We design and fine tune your bespoke intelligence requirements and relay only the information specific to your requirements
  • Human analysts with advanced real world Cyber Security experience dedicated to you and your organisation, on hand to research specific threats to your operation
  • Customised and timely intelligence reports produced to your requirement or preference
  • Our cyber team administer the system within our very own cyber lab, allowing us to efficiently analyse and segment the data to deliver you ONLY the information you need to augment and inform your SIEM (Security Information and Event Management System), facilitate your decision-making process and enable the visibility you require to effectively fulfil your Cyber Security Strategy
  • Cyber Services Summary:
    • Competitive pricing over three protection tiers
    • Secure portal giving real-time access to bespoke reports & RFI submissions
    • International cyber law enforcement in-house expertise on-hand
    • State of the art in-house cyber lab
    • Flexible service options including threat research & reporting
    • Dedicated cyber security analysts on hand to support your business
No budget, no staff, no time?

Companies that simply do not have the resources required to filter through, digest and evaluate the endless reports available – If you don’t have a dedicated team, we are here to help you

  • Competitive Pricing over three protection tiers

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IT Security

…highly knowledgeable and certainly impressed the team; reliable and willing, they are able to adapt their processes to meet our requirements and turn things around extremely quickly. From our first meeting with Brookcourt, there was no time between supplier selection and project rollout and they were able to fulfil our requirements instantaneously.

IT Security

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