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What we do

Provide strategic implementation of next generation cyber security and networking technologies
Elevate I Enhance I Secure.

What we do

Brookcourt Solutions implement and sell the latest technology into all business sectors. Our clients (Fortune 500) buy from us because we manage the entire process for them. We provide the strategic implementation of next generation Cyber Security and networking technologies to elevate, enhance and secure your business in an advanced threat landscape.

Our strategic, service led approach to building long term and trusted relationships is at the heart of what we do. We take care of the entire project lifecycle from scoping and designing the solution, to supply, integration and crucially, support and managed services.

Our technologies and solutions work in collaboration across differing business areas. Whether you wish to monitor, aggregate or secure traffic, our solutions will help you to reduce risk, optimise performance and increase visibility, resulting in a more secure and efficient network.

Our 24/7 post-sales support and after sales supervision give you peace of mind and confidence that queries are dealt with quickly and effectively by real people, helping you there and then.

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It may be a hostile landscape but for every challenge there’s a solution. We understand the threats and obstacles that organisations face on a daily basis in Cyber Security, Managed Services Solution and networking. We work closely with senior and executive stakeholders and address these challenges within either Capex or Opex restraints and using our built-in 12-month ROI. We are not restricted by your sector or location and both domestically and internationally, our clients all enjoy the same service level.

From cyber threat intelligence through to network monitoring and protection on a global scale, Brookcourt’s unique scalable business model and the relationships we hold with the developers of leading technologies, enables us to offer you the ‘Best of Breed’ IT solutions. Our team would be glad to hear from you. If you want to find out more, please speak to the team.

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Cyber security solutions

Intelligence-Driven Security Solutions and Expertise

As a leading provider of Cyber Security solutions, we offer reassurance in an uncertain and hostile environment.

Our cyber security solutions help organisations of all sizes predict, detect, prevent and respond to cyber threats and attacks. With Brookcourt Solutions you get unparalleled visibility to identify potential threats in all critical areas of your IT infrastructure, along with actionable, intelligence-driven insights. Improve readiness, reduce response time, and minimise the impact of a security breach with our range of Cyber Security solutions.

Combining our skills, expertise and flexible value-added approach with the most cutting-edge security tools available today, Brookcourt are able to build solutions to fulfil the most complex requirements. From our advanced fully managed cyber intelligence to incident response, risk analysis, network discovery, access control and data leakage and protection solutions, Brookcourt can assist you in addressing your Cyber Security responsibilities in line with your organisational strategy and legal obligations.

Network facilitation solutions

Enabling transparency and efficiency across your corporate network.

In an age where milliseconds could mean millions; network transparency, reliability and speed is paramount, Brookcourt can offer tailored solutions to help you achieve competitive advantage and ensure your network runs seamlessly. Our tailored monitoring, network discovery and load balancing solutions will be built around your specific requirements and take into account your business and network structure, processes and future scope. Whether you are looking for cloud based or data centre capabilities, Brookcourt will be able to offer considered advice and solutions to address all of your networking challenges.

Managed services solutions

No budget, no staff, no time…

Whatever your requirement, whatever your limitation, there is always a solution for you. Brookcourt offers a wide range of fully managed services that can be built specifically within your constraints. In addition, with all of our solutions, we can offer complimentary services and support outside of manufacturer warranty and often at no additional cost. We guarantee added value. That’s the Brookcourt approach. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do and we want to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with your experience of working with the Brookcourt team.

Resourcing solutions

It’s who you know…

Information technology is the engine room of the modern business. No other sector on earth is growing as fast or as fiercely as IT. Our resourcing department provides IT professionals and employers with decisive and industry leading recruitment solutions.

As the global IT industry expands and evolves with every passing minute, networks become more sophisticated, threats become more hostile and the competition continuously challenges us, the race is on to secure the best talent as it becomes available. At times like these, you need a team with the inside track to put you in touch with the best people – before anyone else even knows they’re looking.

Through our industry knowledge and relationships, we can deliver the best of technology talent to our clients.

We know that there’s no such thing as ‘a technology job’. Every role, every line of business is as unique and individual as the next, and we can help you source a candidate that’s just right for you.

Cyber Surveillance

Cyber surveillance

At Brookcourt, our team of skilled cyber analysts have united the world’s leading Cyber Threat Intelligence providers to form ONE market leading, highly relevant, actionable intelligence Cyber Surveillance Solution.

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Cyber Surveillance

How we do it

How we do it

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