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Mind Security

Peace of mind cyber security


AI driven managed endpoint protection & domain monitoring for your business

We understand keeping secure in today’s digital age can be complex and costly. This is why we’ve created Mind Security, a managed service for business of all sizes using leading edge technology solutions.


How Does It Work?


The technology uses Artificial Intelligence to prevent known and unknown malware, zero-day exploits, ransomware, and common document/script-based attacks for the broadest range of file types.

Malicious files are found faster and with fewer false positives versus traditional security tools that rely on signatures, heuristics, or basic machine learning.

Managed email security, phishing testing and security awareness training for your people




Protection from Ransomware

Efficiently protect your business from ransomware and other malicious software with enterprise grade cyber protection.

Mind Security offers a solution which can prevent attacks before they execute at speed.



Breach Monitoring

Breach Monitoring ensures you are aware of what user data is available in data breaches that are in the wild. Knowing what user data is available will ensure you can take pre-emptive steps to ensure that user data cannot be used against the company.

Credential re-use remains a top way for criminals to breach your system infrastructure. It is vital to understand what information related to business domains are open to public exploitation.




Our specialist engineers have a breadth of experience across the cyber security landscape, supporting business with remediation advice which is relied on by leading financial institutions.



Cost Effective

Improve overall security of your digital assets, easing the burden on your internal teams for a minimal monthly fee.


Ransomware is the greatest threat for enterprises and SME’s

| 1 – National Cyber Security Centre |

A quarter of businesses are not confident in detecting and removing malware

| 2 – Survey by the NCSC |

The global cost of a data breach


| 3 – IBM Global Cost of Data Breach 2023 |

For Peace of Mind Security

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