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Managing your cyber security: rapidly detect, analyse, investigate and respond through threat mitigation and containment



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Why outsource your SOC?


Maintaining an in-house SOC is complex and expensive. Consider the internal resource requirements needed to have complete round-the-clock coverage, you would need to employ at least 5 shift analysts, an engineer and a manager. You would also need to buy and integrate a SIEM environment and Threat Intelligence feed at an absolute minimum.

With an outsourced SOC, resourcing is taken care of.


With an in-house SOC, you need to train your staff to ensure that they are capable of dealing with the vast array of alerts from your various technologies. You also need to ensure that the detection logic (SIEM rules) are up to standard and regularly updated to reflect the latest attacks. With our SOC, your response team is made up of industry leading experts with knowledge of the latest attacks and incidents across different industries and technologies.


Detection and response is not an area to cut corners. An in-house SOC faces pressures (especially budget) that shape decision making.

At Brookcourt, we use expert resource and cross-industry awareness to choose the best tools for the job. With an outsourced solution, you can be confident that we have you covered.


We operate under strict NDA and granular segmentation, with service level agreements around updates and communication.

We effectively function as an extension of your team to handle challenges for you.

Our SOC uses extended detection & response

Extended detection and response services provide clients with remotely delivered security operations centre (SOC) functions. These functions allow organisations to rapidly detect, analyse, investigate and actively respond through threat mitigation and containment. XDR service providers offer a turnkey experience, using a predefined technology stack (covering areas such as endpoint, network and cloud services) to collect relevant logs, data and contextual information. This telemetry is analysed within the provider’s platform using a range of techniques. This process allows for investigation by experts skilled in threat hunting and incident management, who deliver actionable outcomes.

Security Operations Centre

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