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Penetration Testing & Red Teaming

Cyber Security Testing

Ensuring your cyber security measures are effective, providing the assurances your organisation and your clients require.

Information security has quickly moved up the agenda within organisations and both senior management, as well as clients, are now seeking assurances that not only are security measures in place, but that those security measures are robust and effective.

But how can you demonstrate your cyber security efforts are truly effective? You need to put them to the test.


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an in-depth investigation into the security of a specific network, application, or device. Testing is designed to uncover as many security issues as possible, within the allotted time and scope, manually verifying the risks and providing you with the detailed advice needed to remediate the issues.   Penetration testing services can cover:

– IT Infrastructure (Internal & External) – Web applications – Mobile applications – Cloud services – IoT devices – Wireless networks – Industrial systems


Red Teaming  (Adversary Simulation)

A red team engagement is designed to simulate a likely real-world cyber threat, demonstrating if an attacker can gain access to your organisation, evaluate the effectiveness of defences, and assess the damage that could be done once inside, typically without being detected.

This type of testing is broader than penetration testing, looking at the security of your wider organisation rather than a specific network, application, or device.


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