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Brookcourt Solutions receives prestigious Logo Acquisition Award from technology partner, Proofpoint


Stuart McCarthy, Sales Director at Brookcourt Solutions receives: Logo Acquisition Award 2023 from Shaun Bowman, Channel Director for UKISA at Proofpoint

This prestigious recognition was bestowed upon the company from Proofpoint, a technology partner that provides cutting-edge technology solutions geared towards protecting people and businesses.

The company were acknowledged by Proofpoint for their unwavering commitment to guide and support one of the UK’s largest banks through an impressive three-year sales cycle.

The collaboration with Proofpoint embodies the essence of people-centric solutions, meticulously designed to safeguard the business, ensure compliance, and fuel growth in an increasingly dynamic landscape.

This partnership underscores Brookcourt Solutions’ dedication to excellence and solidifies our position as a formidable presence in the realm of security and technology. Our consistent ability to deliver results, secure major deals, and support businesses on their journey to success is nothing short of extraordinary.

As we proudly celebrate Brookcourt Solutions’ remarkable achievement in receiving the Logo Acquisition Award 2023, we look forward to witnessing the continued impact of our partnership with Proofpoint. Together, we are set to redefine the landscape of security solutions, ensuring that businesses remain secure, compliant, and well positioned for growth in an ever-evolving digital world.