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Goldilock and Brookcourt sign strategic partnership

Brookcourt Solutions signs strategic reseller partnership with Goldilock to become a UK channel partner for it’s ultimate “Cyber Kill Switch”


July 17th 2023 – Brookcourt Solutions, a member of Shearwater Group plc, has signed a reseller partnership with Goldilock, becoming a UK channel partner for its innovative and award-winning Drawbridge cybersecurity HW. The two companies are a good fit, with Brookcourt Solutions well placed to leverage Goldilock’s innovative dynamic physical network segmentation (DPNS) based technology, given its broad Fortune 500 customer base.

Considered an ultimate “Cyber Kill Switch”, Goldilock’s Drawbridge is a powerful tool that empowers organisations to respond to cyber threats or attacks immediately, remotely and without using the internet. By enabling quick physical containment of attacks, Drawbridge protects critical assets, mitigating operational disruptions, and ensuring compliance with incident response requirements, enhancing cybersecurity posture and resilience.

British company Goldilock has grown considerably and is now considered a top cybersecurity HW innovator. After setting up R&D and production facilities in the West Midlands two years ago, it has undergone incubation via the National Cyber Security Centre’s joint NCSC For Startups program with Plexal, acceleration via the Ministry of Defence’s Defence and Security Accelerator, and various other programs including with TechUK. Recently it was awarded Hardware/Endpoint Device of the Year 2023 by Technology Reseller Awards.

Phil Higgins, CEO of Shearwater Group says:

“We are delighted to partner with an innovative organisation such as Goldilock, a forward-thinking business focused on transforming a simple idea into a solution for better cyber resilience.”

Tony Hasek, Goldilock Founder and CEO, adds: “Brookcourt Solutions is a cyber security vendor that customers trust, and our partnership is a clear signal to the market of the commercial viability of our cyber defence solution.”

Goldilock started up with the almost forgotten idea that when you left the office at night, you physically locked the door and didn’t worry about anything until the next morning. So, they asked: “Why can’t business owners and cyber security leaders have the same peace of mind? Why can’t networks be managed the same way?”

The company was highlighted by The National Cyber Security Centre as one of five start-ups chosen to help address the persistent threat of ransomware attacks. Earlier this month they were recognised by the Department of Science, Information and Technology (DSIT) in partnership with Info Security Europe as a startup finalist for most innovative cyber-SME.

Goldilock Drawbridge is a physical cybersecurity solution that saves manpower, time, money, and nerves. Based on DPNS, it allows users to issue an authenticated remote non-IP command to instantly and physically isolate and ring-fence control systems within seconds, from, and to, anywhere on Earth – without using the internet. The asset is then completely safe and un-hackable because it is physically disconnected from the network as if a drawbridge had been raised.

The “Non-IP” – or non-internet enabled command, is significant, because the method of control is completely taken away from the potential attack vector – the internet itself. Furthermore, Goldilock Drawbridge is triggered by port, so disconnection and isolation can be very granular – right down to the network segment or endpoint.

Brookcourt Solutions is multi-award-winning provider of cyber security solutions for leading Fortune 500 companies, Brookcourt are leading force within the sector, helping enterprise businesses for more than 18 years to strategically implement next generation cyber security and networking technologies to elevate, enhance and secure in an advanced threat landscape.


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