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Brookcourt announces new partnership with deep learning cyber security vendor


Brookcourt is now working in partnership with Deep Instinct, a vendor that is disrupting data intelligence as we know it. Deep Instinct offers deep learning cyber security software for zero time prevention. Deep Instinct’s highly experienced and interdisciplinary team of leading deep-learning scientists, ex-IDF and special Israeli cyber units, are revolutionising cybersecurity technology. The cyber security team includes veterans of the Israel Defense Forces’ cyber units, National Intelligence units, and executives from top global cybersecurity companies.

Deep Instinct says: “As Deep Instinct evolves as a global organisation, it is imperative that we Partner with the right teams that have the technical capability and experience to deliver our unique solution and to take a pioneering message out to their customers with the confidence that it will bring value to their business. This is both in terms of prevention of Cyber-Attacks and in an incredible ROI using Deep Learning. We are delighted to welcome Brookcourt Solutions as a Strategic Partner as they are able to articulate our joint message, understand this new technology, and immediately give their customers a key advantage in the fight against Cybercrime.”

Why consider deep learning

The Deep Learning Era: Even higher detection rates are achieved with the ability to skip human engineering and analyze all the available raw data in a file. Malware increased 358% from 2019 to 2020. Are you confident in your security strategy?

Intrigued yet?

To arrange a demo with the Deep Instinct team and Brookcourt’s Technical Specialists, please fill in the form below and select a desired date. We will get back to you with our availability.

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